Cincinnati Lawn Bowling Club

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Lawn Bowling?  Believe it or not…it's a seriously fun game!

Walt Disney, George Washington and Sir Francis Drake are among some of the famous lawn bowlers.

Come out to the "green" at Little Miami Golf Center in Newtown that is part of the Great Parks of Hamilton County and see why the famous, and not so famous, have made this sport a unique hobby. It's the only place to play within 250 miles of Cincinnati! 

Lawn bowling is a fun and friendly game suitable for those 16 and older, and it can be played with one to three-person teams. It is a very unique sport, but has some similarities to curling and bocce ball. The object of the game is to roll grapefruit-sized resin balls, also known as "bowls", on a flat grass green and try to get closest to the target ball, better known as the "jack."  The person (team) who rolls their bowl closest to the jack scores a point. The fun part is, the bowls are slightly lopsided and curve when rolled, making it more challenging than you think.

For $15./person, you can try the game. Your fee includes a club member coached lesson and equipment. If you want to pursue the game further, there are two options going forward: 1) You can join the club by paying $110 for a full membership or 2) You can sign up for Pay to Play, which will cost $15/session. You can learn to play the game quickly, but as the story goes, it takes time to master!

Guests/visitors are welcome to observe or to arrange an introductory lesson. For your lesson, please call 513-871-8642.

WHERE we bowl: For instructions on how to get there click "Where We Play".

WHEN we bowl:

WHEN we bowl: Do to the emergency caused by COVID-19, the green has been closed to mid-May. Generally from mid-April through mid-October. Please check the calendar for current dates and times. Other times available for special organization or group needs. Refer to the calendar for specific dates and times. Along with regular bowling dates, we hold Special Open Houses and Monthly Member Tournaments.